All prices are based on time and skill, NOT gender.


Short Hair (above shoulder) $55& up
Long Hair (below shoulder) $65 & up
Buzz Cuts $30 & up
Beard Trims $15 & up
Haircut without Blow dry $50& up
Kid’s Cuts (12 years old and younger) $30


Standard Blowout $50 & up
Down & Curled $65& up
Up styles $85& up
Bridal Up styles $95 & up
(bridal up styles recommended pre-trial)


Single Process roots only $75 & up
Single Process roots to ends $100 & up

Dimensional Color

Mini Foil $85 & up
Partial Foil $140 & up
Full Foil $160 & up
Balayage $160 & up
Creative Coloring $100 & up
Color Correction Needs consult and it will be 150 hr
Gloss/Toner/ Root Smudge $30 & up
All color prices include 2 oz of color if need Additional Color there will be an extra fee
Blow dries are not included with color service

Smoothing Treatments

Inca Glow Smoothing Treatment $285 &up
Best use for virgin hair and/or mixed in with Inca Glow Platinum for color treated hair

NO Formaldehyde
NO Smell or Odor
NO Burning or Irritation
It is 100% Safe
For all hair types, clients, and professionals
Other Keratin treatments without Formaldehyde
contains Carbocysteine, Guanidine, Ammonium Tthioglycolate, which has no permanent satisfactory

Keratin Express Treatment $75 or with haircut $125

The Keratin Express Treatment will help eliminate frizz, repel humidity, maintain moisture and lock in color while speeding up blow-drying time. The approximate time frame this treatment is expected to last is up to 4 weeks

Deep Conditioning

Get ready for the cold by ’winterizing’ your scalp. This treatment will condition your scalp and prepare it for any unforgiving weather heading our way. $25 & up

**Unless stated in the description, treatments do not include blowouts. The treatments can be standalone or added to another service. Be sure to inform us if this is an add-on to book accordingly.

All Corrective color service will need to sign a consent form.


Facial waxing $12 & up

Free consultation with any service